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04 July 2012

Di mana Malaysia dalam ASTAF?

Telah berlangsung mesyuarat pemilihan jawatankuasa indul ASTAF atau Asia Sepaktakraw Federation usai ISTAF Super Series di Fashion Island Bangkok. Dalam pemilihan kali ini Dato Halim Kader berjaya mengekalkan jawatannya sebagai Presiden tanpa dicabar sesiapa. Ini sememangnyatelah dijangka. Namun apa yang memeranjatkan ialah ketiadaan langsung wakil dari Malaysia mengisi apa jua jawatan di dalam ASTAF! Apa sudah jadi?

Selepas Dato Salim tersingkir dari PSM, beliau juga yang menyandang jawatan Bendahari ASTAF sebelum ini telah 'ghaib' dari dunia sepaktakraw dan hanya bola jenama SALIM saja yang masih berada di dalam pasaran. Ketiadaan wakil Malaysia di dalam ASTAF bakal membawa padah kerana secara langsungnya kitabtidak memiliki suara dalam ASTAF. Hal ini berikutan edaran media yang telah pun diberikan kepada wartawan mengenai hasil mesyuarat yang lalu. 

Saya secara peribadi mengganggap ini adalah perkara serius dan Persatuan Sepatakraw Malaysia perlu mendapatkan penjelasan mengenai hal ini segera. Persoalan yang bermain difikiran saya sekarang ini ialah;
a. Adakah maklumat ini tersalah cetak?
b. Kenapa PSM langsung tiada dalam senarai walaupun hanya sebaia Council Members?
c. Adakah PSM tahu mengenai mesyuarat ini?
d. Adakah PSM hadir mesyuarat ini?

Berikut adalah siaran media rasmi ASTAF. 


MR  Abdul Halim Bin Kader, President of Singapore Sepaktakraw Federation, (PERSES) was re-elected unopposed as President,  Asian Sepaktakraw Federation (ASTAF)for the 3rd consecutive term  this afternoon during the Asian Sepaktakraw Federation’s General Meeting. A total of 60 delegates from 21 countries from around ASIA attended the meeting held in the conference room at Chaleena Hotel, Bangkok, Thailand. The meeting was conducted in an orderly manner. The 60 delegates from all over Asia voted in a new council .  Details of the new council members from2012-2016 (4 years term) are as follows:  


 2. BASRI SIDEHABI                                        INDONESIA        

1  MARIO TANCHANCO                                   PHILIPPINES    
2 T. NIZAM HAJIREEN                                    SRI LANKA 
3  WANG LI WEI                                           CHINA 
4  U CHIT KHINE                                           MYANMAR       
5  LEE QOEA GYU                                         KOREA 
6 YEH CHENG-YEN                                       CHINESE TAIPEI 
7 YOGENDER SINGH DAHIYA                          INDIA 
8  AZAD SOHRAB                                          I.R. IRAN   

1. BOONCHAI LORHPIPAT                              THAILAND 

1  PENGIRAN ALI HASSAN ABAS                       BRUNEI 
2  NOUSHAD AHMED KHAN                             PAKISTAN 
3  ALI FOULADI RAD                                     I.R. IRAN 
4  MISAWA MASARU                                      JAPAN 
5 SOMPHETH MAOPASEUTH                            LAOS 
6  SITARAM MASKEYI                                      NEPAL 
8  NGUYEN XUAN HANH                                 VIETNAM 
9  HUANG KAI                                               CHINA  

In his opening speech , Mr.  Abdul Halim Bin Kader commended INTERNATIONAL SEPAKTAKRAW FEDERATION (ISTAF) on the success of organizing the  International Sepaktakraw Federation World Cup and the International Super Series The series has gone from strength to strength, beginning with the first ever ISTAF World Cup in Kuala Lumpur in July 2011 and followed up by ISTAF Super Series events in Bangkok (September 2011), Palembang (February 2012) and Singapore (May 2012). 

With Thailand being one of the driving forces behind international sepaktakraw, it is only fitting that the competition should return for the final event of the season to Fashion Island in Bangkok, the scene of an excellent tournament nine months ago where fans packed the venue with all seats taken and standing room only on the Sunday as thousands witnessed two Thai victories.   

All tournaments have been televised and shown around the globe via ISTAF's extensive broadcasting footprint. The ISTAF Super Series Bangkok 2012 is to be shown on TrueVisions, Thailand's leading pay TV operator, who will broadcast matches on all four days of the Super Series, from 28 June – 1 July. The event is also being covered in its entirety on the sport's official website while thousands of fans interact on a daily basis on the sport's Facebook community page. 

ISTAF and their partners UFA Sports Asia are looking to expand the global appeal of the ISTAF Super Series for the second season. ISTAF has a plan of establishing the sport on each continent. Sepaktakraw has started to be noticed around the world, thanks to the partnership ISTAF has forged with UFA Sports Asia.   Following up the level of attention it has attained thanks to the ISTAF Super Series and the ISTAF World Cup, our next step will be focusing on increasing the ISTAF memberships so that the appreciation of the sport will be elevated further and farther.   

Further and farther is set to see nations from Africa and also Central Asia joining the ISTAF ranks in the very near future. The ISTAF Super Series and ISTAF World Cup tournaments have been welcomed with great pride, and the sepaktakraw family salute the fact that it was a breakthrough for the sport .Countries as diverse as Germany and USA have already taken part in the ISTAF Super Series, and people are now eagerly awaiting the participation of new teams, particularly from Africa and Central Asia, as demonstrated by the number of countries constantly getting good reviews from UFA Sports' partner television companies and stations.   

With potential television viewership around the globe already surpassing the 750 million mark and the sport at grass-roots level going way beyond that, the profile of the sport has never been higher. With global expansion imminent, the ISTAF Super Series is set to spread sepaktakraw across all continents and redefine the future of the sport.   The newly elected President  Mr.  Abdul Halim, announced the establishment of sepaktakraw events and competitions for the physically- handicapped athletes.   Sports for the physically challenged athletes have been gaining momentum thru the years and has been recognized globally with the acceptance at the Paralympics . 

The goal is to promote, through sports, the well-being of the physically challenged athletes, helping them to live full and independent lives. Mr. Abdul Halim also stated that the sports of Sepaktakraw realized the potential that these athletes to make an impact in this sports as new and better training methodology have been developed over the last few years to enhance the players performance. Thus, sepaktakraw can be the next BIG thing that these athletes could participate and excel in. 

The objectives are as follows: 
• To provide the athletes/players with opportunities to train, participate and excel in sports for local, regional and international competitions; 
•  To enhance their lifestyles and integrate them into the community through recreational sports and activities; and 
•  To increase public awareness of and promote widespread support for the sporting and recreational needs MISSION “Created on the belief in the dignity, capability and value of persons, the mission is to enable the sports persons to realize their individual potential by providing them with the opportunity to participate and excel in sports both recreationally and competitively.” VISION “To maximize their true potential through sports based on the following framework” FUNDING SOURCE Funding including sponsors and partners from INTERNATIONAL SEPAKTAKRAW FEDERATION (ISTAF) and ASIAN SEPAKTAKRAW FEDERATION (ASTAF) members countries. ISTAF Secretariat will prepare and circulate support letters to the National Sepaktakraw Associations who will undertake this program under the abilities and change for the excellence for sharing and supporting the establishment of the Sepaktakraw for the physically challenged athletes to participate and excel in.   

Mr. Abdul Halim also announced that he had  a meeting  with the PRESIDENT OF ASSOCIATION OF NATIONAL OLYMPIC COMMITTEES OF AFRICA , General Lassana Balenfo held on the 21 June 2012. This meeting was attended by Mr. T.N Hajreen, Vice President ASTAF, Mr Boonchai Lorhpipat, Secretary General ASTAF, Mr. Muhammad Taufiq Abdul Halim, Assistant Secretary General, ISTAF.   General Lassana Balenfo is in charge of 54 countries in AFRICA. After watching the games for 2 days, he was impressed with the game. ASTAF assured him that ASTAF will do it best to assist AFRICA in setting up Sepaktakraw in AFRICA. 

ASTAF will also like extend our welcome to all African countries to participate in the King’s Cup in Thailand. ASTAF will also encourage AFRICA’s National Olympic Council to participate in our tournaments from time to time especially the tournaments. General Lassana Balenfo has requested that ASTAF send some sepaktakraw balls and equipment to be distributed in AFRICA. ASTAF are working with MARATHON and ASTAF to provide sepaktakraw equipment to the AFICA Association. ASTAF will also conduct referee and coaching courses to the AFRICA association in early part of 2013.

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